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John Martin
Wooden Cross

The members of St. John's were blessed by a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Kokomo, Indiana, our sister congregation.  He felt the calling to make crosses for each family of his church.

He had a wood shop built when he retired in 1997 from Grissom Air Reserve Base.  After his retirement, he worked with various organizations like the Red Cross, but didn't feel that any of the organizations was what he wanted.  Then in 2000, he became very ill and almost died twice.  His doctor told him the Lord is not ready for you, yet.  The idea for the crosses slowly developed.  He designed the cross to be similar to our LCMS Cross.  He started with his own church, Our Redeemer.  He has completed his church and 2 other LCMS Churches in Kokomo.  Now, he has come to our church and he wants to each family to have a cross.

These beautiful crosses are made from walnut, cherry, and oak from Miami County, and made with God's love by a man who knows his Lord.  He asks for no donations because God has provided from him and he loves what he is doing.

St. John's has been blessed by God through a man who was guided to reach so many homes with a cross.  These crosses are free to the members of St. John's just as God has given freely his love, grace, and forgiveness through his only Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.