Setember 2016
Graduation is serious business!

Monthly News For July 2019

Mrs. Charlene's Office Hours:
7:00 am to 9:00 am - Down in the classrooms
9:00 to 10:45 - In Office 
10:45 to 12:00 - In Lunch room
12:00pm to 4:00 - In Office
Fridays - she will be in and out

Lunch is provided by the Peru School System. We do a daily lunch count,
so we have to know by 8:15 am if your child is not coming, or if they are not scheduled but will
be here for lunch. If you do not let us know by 8:15 am. a lunch will not be ordered for them.

Daycare Lunch/Snack Times
9:00 am - snack time
11:00 am - lunch time
2:30 pm - snack time

St. John's Daycare Staff
Director of the fun:
Mrs. Charlene

Little Scooters (aka Baby room)
Rocking Teachers:
Mrs. Connie - AM Rocker/Diaper Changer
Mrs. Julie - AM Rocker/Diaper Changer
Mrs.  Kayla - PM Rocker/Diaper Changer
Miss Dina - PM Rocker/Diaper Changer

Don't forget to bring your 240 baby wipes every month.

Little Rascal's Pre-k Room
Miss Lindsey - AM Teacher
Mrs. Wende - AM Teacher
Mrs. Katelin - PM Teacher
Miss Brooklyn - PM Teacher

Classroom Goals

Respecting others space and time.
Learning our letters and numbers.
Writing our names.
Being good listeners.
Using our manners.

Parents: please make sure to keep your child's blanket in their cubby. If you take it home and don't bring it back, they won't have one to use. We no longer have extra blankets to pass out. We no longer can have stuffed animals or pillows. They are not easy to wash and state is asking that they stay home. Thank you for your cooperation!

We send homework and a weekly newsletter home on Tuesday night. Please make sure you read the newsletter so your child does not miss any class projects.
Thank you.

Please make sure your child has a jacket, we still go outside (state requirement) and it gets a little breezy out there! Also, make sure you swap extra clothes out for the appropriate season.

Little Steps Tiny Tots
Mrs. Katelin - AM
Miss Shelia - PM

GOALS: Walking single file, sitting on our little bottoms in our chairs and using our inside voices (no screaming), using crayons

Please remember to change our child's extra clothing for the winter season. If your child has recently had shots, please remember to make sure Mrs. Charlene gets a copy of these! We must keep them updated for the state. Thank you.

Lil' Squirts News  (Aka - Toddlers)
Mrs. Gina
Miss Sheila
Mrs. Esther

Giggles News - Preschool Room
Mrs. Cheyenne - Am/PM Teacher
Mrs. Katelin  - Am/PM Teacher
Kalanu - AM Teacher

Please remember to switch out your child's extra clothing for winter! State requires out to go outside twice a day so please make sure to send coats, gloves and a hat!

Many have asked for an updated wish list. So, your wish is my command. Thank you in advance for those that bring us goodies! You are truly a blessing to us!!
        2" binders
        24 pack Crayola crayons
        2 pocket folders
        Preschool writing paper
        Elmer glue sticks
        Black printer ink for HP 63 and HP 65
        New little trinkets for our treasure (prize) boxes
        Number 10 cans of Fruit

Please make sure the office has updated shot records and any change of address and phone numbers. This is very important.

Each child needs to have a change of clothes here. We have had several with accidents (which happens) and no clothes. We are down to no spare clothes.

Make sure you have all your child's items marked with their name. This will help with lost items.

For those that ask what we always need: Kleenex, crayons, stick glue, plastic fork and spoons.

Thank you everyone!

Please stop at the check in/out table and sign your child in and out before leaving the building. We are required to keep this record on file. Also you will find menu, newsletter and other communication from us. Please take your child's papers home each night, they work hard doing these. Also please take your statements out of your pocket each week.

Please check your child's cubbie each night and take home their papers.  They work hard on their projects and want to show them off.  Also, please check their packets each night as that is where you will find any notes, statements or letters from the daycare.
Parents of diaper and pull up children - make sure to bring in your baby wipes monthly! We ask for a 240 count.