August 19th-- August 25th

Church Events Scheduled for:
August 19-25, 2019
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January 21 - January 27

  8:30       Lifeline Screening--in the gym
  6:30       Evening Bible Study

  9:00        Ladies Bible Study--All ladies welcome
  6:00        PPC Meeting
  7:00        All Boards Meeting, and Digital Sign committee meeting


 10:00      Morning Bible Study


  9:30      Traditional Worship Service with Communion
 10:45     Regular Voters Meeting in the Fellowship Room


New Bible Study:
The Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Study
is beginning a new program.

Beginning June 18th, we started the study
on the Book Of Acts.

All ladies are invited to join us.
Bring a friend!

St. Johns Facebook Page
You can link to our Facebook page from
 this website.
Please "like" our page.
You can check out our happenings, and also link
to the Indiana District LCMS
and the Missouri Synod as well.
It's a great way to stay up to date
and connected to your fellow Lutherans!

New Confirmation Class
Letters have been sent to parents of
children in 7th and 8th grade.
Please contact the office if your
child is ready for classes and
you did not receive a letter.

Pastor Greenwald will gladly answer
any questions you have concerning
Confirmation this year.

LCMS Youth Gathering  -  Minneapolis - July 11-15, 2019
St. John's Youth Group
What's up with the youth?


*See a complete list of events
and dates in the Youth Room*
See Details on Youth Page

Every Sunday
Youth Group meeting
4:00 - 5:30
at Old Firehouse

Youth Bible Study
**Don't forget about Sunday school
(all ages welcome)
Householder Family
Bible Studies
Who: Everyone
When: Sunday School Hour
Where:  Fellowship Room
Who:  Youth
When: Every other Sunday school hour
Where: Youth Room
Who:  Women
When:  6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Where:  Library
Who:  Women
When: 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Where: Print Room (Room 1)
Who: Everyone
When: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Where: Print Room ( Room 1)
Studying: Next Sunday's Scripture
Who:  Men
When:  Second Saturday of Each Month
Where:  Fellowship Room

Special Upcoming Events!
Church Picnic--Sunday, Sept. 15th
We hope to have a big crowd
to help eat all that food!!!

Ladies! Mark you calendars!
Please sign the sheet in the church
lobby to make a reservation
Ladies Carry-in Dinner
Thursday, Aug. 22nd at 5:00 P.M.
Main dish, beverages and
 eating utensils will be provided.
Bring you special dish, your mites, and a friend if you want!

Also, don't forget the
LWML Zone Rally
at St. James in Reynolds, In.
Saturday, September 21st.

Eternal Light for August
is placed by: Elaine Pavey,
in loving memory
of Shannon Wayne Zehner
and Sue Ammerman,
and for the blessings of
children and grandchildren.

Altar Flowers
Alter flowers are placed by Nan and Denny
Orpurt, in memory of Denny's day, Ed
Orpurt on his birthday, and in joyful
celebration of Nan's dad, David's, 84th birthday
and sister, Pat's, 66th birthday.

Also placed by Elaine Pavey,
In loving memory of her son,
Shannon Wayne Zehner.


[email protected]
Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study
We are studying Isaiah. Please join us for this new study
following the donuts and coffee.

See above for news about the upcoming
 Zone Rally in Renolds.

Did you know?
One of the recipients of our fund raising project is
Birthright of Peru.
This organization was able to serve 441 clients last year,
and donate 26 newborn layettes.

Praise God for these good people and the work they do!

The Day Care Wish List - August Request

Napkins and Plastic Forks
The children are busy learning so much.  After each craft time and
snack time, we use many, many napkins to wipe little mouths and
fingers. You would not believe how fast we use a package of napkins! 
We also use forks for all kinds of activities. Your donations of these
items would be very appreciated!

         Each month the Day Care would like to make a request for a particular Wish List item.  These items may be brought in at any time and dropped off for the Day Care.  If you have any questions, please speak with...
Ann Larimer

LWML Mites Donation Update
Blessings to all those contributing to our Mite collection. Thanks to you we have reached our goal! Now, time to start collecting for the next goal!

We Are No Longer Collecting These Items
        Portals of Prayers-we are no longer allowed to forward
them to the Prison Ministry program.
        Printer Ink Cartridges-we will no longer be getting
reward points for bringing them to recycle.
        Pop tabs- we no longer have a source for recycling them.
        Campbell Soup Labels - Campbell's has ended the program. 
Thank you to everyone that has collected in the past.
We are still collecting your cancelled postage stamps for the LWML mission project. Please place those in the drawer or leave at the office.

A Request from the Cemetery Board

Our lovely cemetery is now being administered by Ed Larimer. Our thanks go out to Dick Rudkin for his years of dedicated service in keeping our cemetary beautiful and running smoothly for our families.

Parish Fellowship Board
 We are having a Kitchen Shower throughout the entire month.  The kitchen is in need of the following items if you would like to donate:

   Juice, Coffee, Hot Chocolate (in the containers),  Styrofoam Cups  (12 oz), plastic cups (9 oz), Paper plates, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins,  Paper Towels, and Sugar. We ARE NOT in need of Crystal Lite or Coffee Creamer. There is an abundance of both items.  Thank You.  Parish Fellowship Board

St. John's Activity Group
(no activities planned for this week)

Something for the Youth
Youth Sunday School
 Come join us for Sunday School at approximately 10:45 a.m.
 Join in the enjoyment of God's Word each Sunday morning.
Bring a friend to church and join us for fellowship.

Youth Group Weekly Meetings
St. Johns Youth Group has joined with the First Christian Church Youth Group!  The meet at the old Firehouse on the corner of Wabash and Main Streets from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Bring a friend!

A Note from our youth Director:
Emily or I will meet our youth at St. John's before 4:00 to go to the Firehouse together. At 4:30, after confirmation class is over, one of us will come back and pick up anyone else who wants to attend.  If you are needing a ride home afterward, we will gladly do that too. If you have questions, please contact me by text, phone, or Facebook message.
All ages are welcome and you do not need to be a member of St. John's to attend.  I encourage you to invite your friends and lets share to word of God together.  
The Contemporary Service Committee
is looking for volunteers that are musically inclined to help with a Saturday evening Contemporary service. Please speak with Pastor Greenwald if you are interested or have questions.

LWML/Guild to Cut Stamps
An ongoing project of LWML is to cut out cancelled postage stamps and then forwarding them to the Indiana District of the LCMS.  The stamps are then sold, with the proceeds being used for mission purposes. The envelopes should be deposited in the drawer located next to the mailboxes in the hallway.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
All ladies are to watch for the ballot for Mission Gifts  Every women is automatically a member of LWML and is invited to participate.
Thank You -
We would like to thank Diana Harmon and the individuals who help decorate St. John's Church and surrounding landscaping.  We appreciate the time you spend to make our church beautiful.
The St. John's Activity Group

A Chance to Serve
We could use Ushers and Greeter for the upcoming services.  We are in need of Ushers and Greeters on Sunday mornings.  We would love to have people volunteer to serve on a weekly basis.   If you would like to help with this either sign up for a Sunday on the bulletin board in the hallway or speak with Glen Boettjer or Don McKinley.   Thank you to everyone for helping with this very important project for our Sunday worship experience. Board of Lay Ministry
The Nursery is Open
Everyone is welcome to bring your small child in. 
There is a sound system so you won't miss any
of the service.
Happy Birthday Wishes
go out to:

Dave Fenske
who will celebrate on Tuesday,
August 13th.

If you happen to see Dave,
be sure to wish him God's richest
blessings on his special day.


Attention Members of St.John's
If you are admitted to the hospital or nursing home. Please ask a family member to contact the church.

Coins for Christ
Loose coins in the offering plate go toward the support of students training at the seminary to be pastors.  If you have extra change lying around, consider a special offering to the Lord for the strengthening of His Church.

Saint John's Ministry Staff:
Ministers - all members of St. John's 
Pastor - Rev. Kenneth A. Greenwald
Executive Director - Kurt Krauskopf
Secretary - Elizabeth Parker
Choir/Organist - Mary Larimer
  Charlene Beattie - Day Care Director
Prayer Chain Requests - Maureen Fenske

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
181 W. Main Street, Peru, Indiana
(765) 473-6659
(765) 473-3373 (Daycare)
stjohnsperu[email protected]

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
181 W. Main Street, Peru, Indiana
(765) 473-6659
(765)473-3373 (Daycare)
[email protected]